Adopt or Foster

Apply to take home your permanent (adopt) or temporary (foster) BFF

Setting You Up For Success

Adoption Package

Every package includes:

  • The cat(s)/kittens(s) spay or neuter
  • Vaccines (based on timing, the adopter may be responsible for boosters)
  • Microchip
  • Copies of all medical paperwork until that point
  • A starter pack for your new feline friend(s) that may include supplies to get started, toys, their favorite bed etc.

Expect pricing to be between $125-200 for single animals, price varies on the animal.

Price varies between $225-275 for pairs, price varies on the animals.

All animals are adopted out at the discretion of CoO, based on application and other determining factors.

We adopt based on best personality fit for the home! Every cat is different and we make sure you're getting your perfect match.

Apply to Foster

Apply to Foster

The more fosters we have in our database, the more friendly cats and kittens we can help take off the streets in Oceanside.

  • We provide most supplies
  • Assignments typically last 6-10 weeks
  • Adopt to foster opportunities are available
  • No animals are adopted out until they're spayed or neutered
  • Fosters get first pick if they want to adopt one of the cats in their care

Opening your home to a foster cat will open your heart!