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Our Mission

Cats of Oceanside is on a mission to connect the people of our beachside community with the street cats who live here.

As our California beach town has dramatically gentrified over the last 10 years, combined with the effects of the pandemic, many lower income families have left their homes - and their cats, behind.

In addition to policy changes from our local state funded shelters, there has been an influx of community and feral cats in our neighborhoods, some very friendly, but most forgotten and unseen.

Sadly, these cats live short and hard lives as humans turn a blind eye.

Cats of Oceanside is here catch the cats that fall through the cracks and fill in the gaps where our state funded shelters fall short.


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Advocate and Educate

The more you know, the more you can help. We are here as a resource for the San Diego Community! Coming Soon.

Our Story

Cats of Oceanside was founded by San Diego native, Alison Smith, and born from her love of cats.

Cats of Oceanside exists not only to help the cats of Oceanside, but to also educate and advocate on their behalf, take the crazy out of cat lady, and connect the people of Oceanside with how cool cats and compassion can be.

To hear the whole scoop in her own words, read our story.

Our Story

Let us connect you to the cats that live here.

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